Open Letter Regarding COVID-19 - Becks Prime Restaurants

Open Letter Regarding COVID-19

As I consider the ways in which Becks Prime can best respond to the sudden uncertainty caused by COVID-19, I take comfort in knowing that our team has always rallied to provide for our greater community in times of need.

I want to assure you that Becks Prime is here for you and your family—whether you choose to dine in, drive thru, pick up, or use a home delivery service such as Favor, Uber Eats, or DoorDash.

We have of course taken a number of extra precautions to ensure that your food continues to be prepared safely, so please know that you can count on us to serve the same fresh, delicious, and reassuring food you have come to rely on.

I know that as we grapple with the disruption ahead, we will all be craving a sense of comfort and normalcy. Given our history, I have no doubt that Becks Prime is up to the task.

We hope to feed you soon,

Molly Voorhees
President, Becks Prime

Safety Precautions and Practices 

In the Kitchen

  • All employees must wear disposable gloves when preparing food.
  • All employees must change their disposal gloves when moving to a new task.
  • Employees must change gloves every 2 hours regardless if they're doing the same task.
  • Employees must wash their hands a minimum of 20 seconds several times throughout each shift.
  • Employees must use sanitizing solution on their hands and their arms throughout their shift.
  • All surfaces and countertops in the kitchen are cleaned and sanitized frequently throughout each shift.

In the Dining Area

  • Becks Prime employees wipe down all tables and chairs using disposable sanitizing wipes frequently throughout each shift.
  • Becks Prime employees wipe off every door knob, door handle and surface the guest may touch in the dining room frequently throughout each shift.

Employee Policies 

  • If there is any sign of possible sickness, employees are required to stay home. Becks Prime does not penalize employees for missing work due to illness.

 To-Go Procedures

  • We are very experienced in packing quality food to go for our guests. We provide disposable one-use containers and single-use utensils. 
  • We are also happy to provide one-use containers or one-use dishes and single-use utensils for dine-in guests as requested.