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A Houston Classic Since 1985

Fresh Looks Different Here

Fresh Looks
Different Here

Fresh Beginnings

It was a simple desire to do something special in the restaurant business that brought Mike Knapp (operations manager of nine Steak & Ale restaurants), John Storms (burger enthusiast), and Win Campbell (foodie, one-time burger flipper) together in the summer of 1984. The founders spent a year researching different concept ideas before finally deciding to create their own category: Fresh, high-quality, cooked-to-order fast food, grilled over mesquite wood coals. Thus was born Becks Prime.

Becks Prime in 1980 - Kirby Location

The first Becks Prime opened on Kirby Drive in 1985 with a double drive-thru and an open air patio, and we’ve grown steadily since then.

Since then, very little has changed with regard to our food preparation and relentless drive for superior food quality. Our founders continue to be involved in the day-to-day running of the company. Our cooks on-site grind and patty fresh Certified Angus Beef® daily, Boar’s Head makes a ¼-pound hot dog exclusively for us, and our chicken breasts marinate slowly and are never frozen - (our only freezer is for the beer mugs).

And everything is cooked-to-order, grilled over mesquite wood coals, just like it was over thirty years ago.

What makes our burger so good?

100% Certified Angus Beef Chuck

100% Certified Angus Beef Chuck

Ground Fresh Every Morning

Ground Fresh Every Morning

Grilled Over Mesquite Coals

Grilled Over Mesquite Coals

Fresh, Quality Ingredients

Fresh, Quality Ingredients

Never Frozen. Always Fresh.

Never Frozen. Always Fresh.

Fluffy, Egg Buns Baked Daily

Fluffy, Egg Buns Baked Daily

Becks Prime Buzz

"A for the Bill’s Burger."

Alison Cook, Houston Chronicle

“Best burgers, bar none. Real fries, and heavenly, thick milkshakes.”


“Top Ten Burger in Texas.”

Texas Monthly

“Fast food ascends to fine art.”

Houston Press

“Chocolate malts as rich as an oil baron and as luscious as his trophy wife.”

USA Today

“12 Small Burger Chains That Might Take Over the World.”


Readers' Choice Winner for “Best Burger 2012”

Houston Press

Voted “Best Burger in Houston”

AOL City Guides Public Choice Awards

Voted “Best Milkshake in Houston”

Houston Press

“Good things can come in fast packages even if it wasn't fast it would be worth waiting for.”

Houston Chronicle

“The food tastes beautiful.”

Houston Chronicle

Voted “Best To-Go in Houston”

AOL City Guides

“The blue blood of fast food restaurants, offering quality, healthful food at bourgeois prices.”

Houston City Magazine

“The Park People name biggest tree in the county at Becks Prime Augusta.”

Houston Chronicle

“The Real McCoy old fashioned hamburger joint.”

Fodor's Guide to Texas

“Eatery heart - healthy out on the town - try Becks Prime mesquite broiled chicken sandwich or swordfish sandwich.”

Houston Chronicle

“Becks Prime Drive Thru is a top-quality, fast-food restaurant offering outstanding fresh food at reasonable prices.”

Houston City Magazine

“The upscale answer to fast food cuisine... worth the wait to experience high quality food cooked to order, at take-out prices.”

Houston Home and Garden

“In the midst of Kirby Drive’s franchise frenzy, what a pleasure to find real burgers cooked to order over mesquite coals.”

Texas Monthly

“At Becks Prime you can relive old memories and enjoy healthfully updated versions of your old favorites at the same time!”

Houston Health and Fitness

A Passion For Perfection

A Passion
For Perfection

Locally owned and operated since 1985, our team strives for greatness in and out of the kitchen every day and promises to deliver only the best to you.

Win Campbell


Chief Executive Officer

Molly Voorhees



Mike Knapp


Chief Operating Officer

Mike Geiszler


VP Operations

Julie Knapp


VP of Human Resources

Alan Underwood


VP Operations & Technology

Lee Scarpinato


Brand & Marketing Director

Careers With Becks Prime

Thanks for the interest in employment with Becks Prime Restaurants! Please visit one of our locations and fill out an employment application between the hours of 3:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

For information on salaried management positions in Houston or Dallas, please email [email protected]