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4 Reasons Why Becks Prime Makes the Best Burgers in Houston

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There's no question about it: Americans absolutely love their burgers.

That's not hyperbole, either—it's fact. A recent survey revealed that 62% of Americans "love" burgers! 

The same study had other interesting findings. For example, 82% of the survey respondents said they loved burgers because they believe them to be a good source of nutrients. Whether your burger is nutrient-dense depends on factors like its toppings, but there's no doubting how a burger can fill you up perfectly. 

Do you share a love of burgers? Are you wondering where to find the best burgers in Houston?

Look no further. Whether you're a local or a tourist, you'll appreciate everything Becks Prime has to offer. Here's why.

1. We Cook Our Burgers at the Prime Temperature: A Juicy Medium

Burgers come in all temps, shapes, sizes, and varieties, but there's one temperature that seems to stand the test of time—medium (160°F).

Ground beef is different than steak in how it's ground. That's why you can eat steaks at lower temperatures than you normally would a hamburger. For example, you might get your steak rare or medium-rare, but your burger a medium-plus.

Still, you want to maintain the juiciness and tenderness those lower temperatures provide. By cooking our burgers at a standard temperature of medium (unless otherwise requested), we can guarantee a balance of doneness and flavor. No dry and overcooked or soggy, undercooked burgers here!

2. We Cater to All of the Tastebuds

The most fun part about a burger is its ability to be customized, depending on your mood. Cheeseburgers range from the classic—mustard, pickle, onion—to the fantastical—homemade chili, cheddar, onion. Burgers can even be an alternative meat, such as chicken, proving that ground beef isn't the ceiling for creativity.

With that being said, the variety you'll find at Becks Prime is a point of pride. We know the people walking through our doors have different tastes, likes, dislikes, dietary restrictions. Some people love a helping of jalapeños while others are allergic to capsaicin, a component of peppers. 

No matter what you enjoy, you'll find something to satisfy your craving. From our Bill's Burger (sautéed onions, sliced cheddar, bacon, jalapeño, Prime Sauce, lettuce) to our California Chicken burger (wheat bun, swiss, guacamole, lettuce, tomato), and everything between, Becks Prime has it all.

Don't forget: that also includes the best salads, best sandwiches, best steaks, and best fries. Need we say more?

3. The Quality of the Meat (And More) Goes Uncompromised

You can have the best burger set-up in all of history: a fluffy egg bun, a healthy smear of condiments, and maybe some sliced ones and tomatoes. But if the meat—the heart of the burger—lacks in quality, that'll directly translate to a lackluster meal.

If you're going to eat a burger, why not demand the best? 

Since our origin, Becks Prime prides itself on serving up freshnever frozen100% certifiedAngus beef chuck rest. We grind the meat in-house and patty it fresh daily. Every burger is cooked to order over mesquite wood coals that reach a scorching temperature of 1,000 degrees.

Beef aside, every item you get at Becks can boast similar quality. For example, our quarter-pound hot dog is made exclusively for our restaurants by none other than Boar's Head, and each chicken breast is slow-marinated to achieve maximum tenderness—and never frozen.

So, to recap: what makes Becks Prime burgers out-of-this-world delicious? 

  • Never-frozen flavor
  • Freshly made to order—but fast
  • High-quality ingredients to match the high-quality meat
  • 100% certified Angus beef
  • Delicious mesquite wood cooking technique

And to top it all off . . . Pillowy egg buns made fresh daily at each location.

As this dedication and care implies, Becks Prime got its start thanks to a fellow burger enthusiast. When you take your first bite, you'll know what you're eating was designed by someone just like you—a person who appreciates a hearty meal with mouth-watering flavor.

4. Did We Mention It's Fast? 

At this point, you're probably imaging Beck's Prime as a full-blown restaurant (which it is), one that could pass for fine dining by the sounds of it!

But we can promise something even better than fancy napkins—fast and convenient service.

That's right: Becks Prime was born of the idea that fast-food should still be delicious and quality shouldn't be sacrificed for speed. Excellent, cooked-to-order food shouldn't exist only within the finest of restaurants. It should exist in a casual environment, too—a space that promotes a good time and delivers good meals, because why not?

This category—high-quality fast-food—was a vision that three friends and business partners (burger lovers and restaurant managers themselves) had and brought to fruition. The result is a family-friendly, tastebud-friendly place that delivers Houston's best burgers, guaranteed.

Don't just take our word for it. Come see for yourself!

It's Dinner Time! Get the Best Burgers in Houston at Becks Prime

You'll never have to Google, "burger near me," again. Now you know the answer.

The best burgers in Houston, Texas, are at Becks Prime. Trust the locals, who love our delicious offerings and come back time and again. Trust the tourists, who make it a tradition to pit-stop at Becks every time they visit the Lone Star state.

Whether you love a fully-loaded bacon cheeseburger or a mushroom and onion combination, come on in and see for yourself what makes this place so great.

Click here to find the location nearest you! We're in over half a dozen convenient locations and look forward to serving you the best burgers Houston—and, dare we say, Texas—have to offer.