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Making The Best Burger Near Me: Becks Prime Shows You How It's Done

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In the Houston or Dallas areas and looking for a "burger near me" that will knock your socks off? Becks Prime has you covered, and here's how we do it!

What makes a great burger? 

If you're looking for a phenomenal "burger near me", this question might be in the back of your mind. You don't want a burger joint that compromises on quality. If you're looking to find the best burgers "near me", you're going to want a burger that is amazing through and through. 

The truth is, there are a lot of factors that go into making a great burger. It all matters, from the buns to the sides. 

The key is balance. Every part of the burger has a role to play in the overall experience. To make a fantastic burger, you want to highlight each aspect of it and get a taste of every ingredient in each bite. 

At Becks Prime, we don't skimp or compromise on any part of the meal. That's why we have the best burgers in Houston.

Here's exactly how we do it. 

The Bun 

Your bun is what encases your burger. It holds it all together. It's the very first thing that you bite into, so it obviously needs to make a good impression right off the bat. 

And egg buns are just the thing. 

Egg bread is rich in flavor and light in texture, making it the perfect companion to a juicy burger. The presence of eggs in bread helps to make the crumb more tender and fluffy, as well as giving it a beautiful, warm, rich taste. 

We all know that the bun provides a lot of support for the rest of the burger, including the patty and the toppings. But focusing too much on the support can be detrimental. Like we said, the key is balance. 

Using the wrong type of bun is risky. It could end up being either too dense and thick, overwhelming the rest of the burger, or too light and flavorless, lacking the support that the burger needs. 

Egg buns, though, provide the perfect solution. They complement the other flavors in the burger without being overwhelming. They give the necessary support to the burger, and they're still delicious in their own right. 

The Patty

The burger patty is the star of the show. It deserves to be in the spotlight. 

So, to make the perfect burger, you need to put it there. Make sure the rest of the ingredients all point back to the patty. 

Patties should never be frozen. The only way to capture that perfect beef flavor is to cook the meat fresh and serve it soon after. By using fresh meat, we can maximize the amount of flavor and juiciness in the burger. 

And our burgers are packed with flavor and juiciness. 

We use 100% certified Angus beef. In Angus beef, there is more marbling, which means that the fat is more evenly distributed than in non-Angus beef. This means our beef is juicier, more tender, and more flavorful. 

Our burgers are also chuck roast, which means they were cut from the shoulder of the cow. Chuck has a very rich taste, which we do our best to bring out in our burgers. 

We grind our meat fresh every morning and grill them over mesquite wood coals. This is done to maximize the amount of flavor in every one of our burgers. 

We take lots of care in our grinding and grilling process because the quality of our food matters above all else. That's why we have Houston's best burgers. 

The Toppings

The toppings of each burger on the Becks Prime menu are carefully selected to highlight the best qualities. Each menu item has a unique flavor profile and a special set of toppings to provide the customer with a wide variety of flavors and textures. 


Every burger has a different combination of vegetables, either crisp and fresh or cooked to perfection. Each one is chosen to highlight the best qualities of the burger as a whole. 

Some burgers have crispy lettuce and juicy tomatoes, while others contain sautéed onions or mushrooms. You can even get a burger with jalapeños, if that's what you're craving! 


Our burgers have a variety of sauces for a variety of different tastes. Whether you want something tangy or something rich, our burgers are crafted to ensure you get the best possible mixture of flavors. 

Choose a burger with mustard for a more classic taste, or try our special Prime Sauce for something different and unique. We've also got burgers with Hickory Sauce, homemade chili, mayo, and even guacamole! 


Although it's often overlooked, the cheese on your burger makes a difference. Unlike many other burger joints, we use a variety of cheeses to complement each different burger perfectly. 

If you want a bold, sharp taste, choose a burger with cheddar on it. American cheese melts beautifully and has a mild, creamy flavor. You can also try the savory, nutty taste of Swiss, or even the earthy tanginess of blue cheese. 

The Sides

Everyone knows that no burger is complete without fries and a milkshake. But our sides don't end there. 

We have tons of variety within even the sides, with three different types of fries, each one unique and bursting with flavor. We also have more unconventional sides as well, like fruit, rice, parmesan crisps - the list goes on. 

Not in the mood for a burger? Never fear. You can choose from all kinds of alternate meals, including a wide variety of salads and sandwiches, as well as steaks and chicken dinners. 

And, of course, you've got to wash it all down with a drink. Our milkshakes are the thickest around, adding the perfect touch of sweetness to the meal, but if you're craving something else, we also offer drinks such as homemade lemonade, fountain drinks, and more. 

Find the Best Burger Near Me

There are many aspects that go into creating an incredible burger, and here at Becks Prime, we take great care to make sure we perfect each one. 

Finding the best burger "near me" has never been easier. Visit one of our locations to try one of Houston's best burgers today!