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What Types of Burgers Are Available at Becks Prime?

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What Types of Burgers Are Available at Becks Prime?

Texas is no slacker when it comes to grilling the best burgers, so you can trust Becks Prime takes the competition seriously.

Our founders spent a full year researching the best concept for their restaurant, mulling over the best types of burgers and hamburger recipes. They wanted to know how to make their hamburger restaurant stand out from the rest. This thoughtfulness and intentionality still influences every meal we make.

Our founders created the award-winning burgers we still serve over 30 years later: fresh, high quality and made-to-order burgers cooked over mesquite wood coals. Each of these components is vital to make sure every patty drips with flavor. With this recipe for success, we fulfill our company's promise with every order.

Of all the different types of burgers in Texas, here's what you can expect from Becks Prime and why you'll love it.

What Types of Burgers You'll Find at Becks

We serve 100% certified Angus beef burgers cooked over smoky mesquite coals on fluffy egg buns made daily. Let's break down what that means.

The Meat

We choose our meat carefully.

We choose 100% certified Angus beef because we prefer the rich flavor of Angus cattle. You may have heard of Angus beef in the past but never understood what makes it special. The truth is, it's not magically healthier or superior to other beef, but there are some advantages to cooking with it.

Angus is a breed of cattle that quickly became the most popular breed in the United States thanks to the evenly distributed fat in the animals. This high quality marbling throughout the meat ensures rich flavor, which we always prioritize at Becks Prime.

It's important to invest in 100% certified Angus beef to make sure we buy from a fully Angus breed. We want to know where it comes from and that it is 100% the breed we're looking for.

The Prep

Freshness is a priority at Becks Prime. 

We never freeze our meats, which means we have to use them almost as soon as we get them. Fresh meat ensures a strong flavor you can taste and an optimal texture you can feel.

We grind and shape our patties every morning at each location. We never prepare our patties in one location and ship them out to the rest. Not only does this preserve quality, but it reduces waste and allows us to make each burger to order.

Finally, we grill the burgers over mesquite wood coals. This is a detail that's been passed down from our founders, but why mesquite wood specifically?

There are a variety of methods for grilling and barbeque. Grilling relies on hot, direct heat while barbeque requires long periods of slow smoking. Mesquite wood burns hot and smoky, allowing us to prepare burgers quickly with intense heat while also infusing it with the classic smoked-mesquite flavor. It's the best of both worlds when it comes to grills and barbeques.

The Buns

Just like our burger patties, we bake our egg bread buns fresh daily.

Even when bread is stored properly, you can never avoid the day-old texture in every bite, and we don't tolerate that at Becks Prime.

Fresh egg bread buns have a fluffy, moist texture that bring a whole sandwich together. A lightweight bun combined with a thick, juicy patty is exactly how a burger should be.

What's On the Menu?

Now that you know our high standards when it comes to Texas cooking, let's talk about all the different types of burgers cooked at Becks Prime.

The Classics

With our thorough preparation and quality standards, you can bet that even our classic burgers are above and beyond.

If you're looking for your average hamburger or cheeseburger, our smoke-infused patties served with mustard, pickle, onion, lettuce and tomato won't disappoint. Feel free to personalize it to your liking for the full Becks Prime experience.

Our classic bacon cheeseburger is also a showstopper. We smoke our bacon as carefully as our burgers to give you an unforgettable meal.

The Tastes of the Southwest

If you're looking for a sandwich with a spicy kick, the Bill's Burger includes sautéed onions and jalapeños for an awesome Tex-Mex taste.

We also highly recommend the California Burger slathered in guacamole. It's less spicy than jalapeños but still delivers a satisfying kick of flavor.

One of our most famous options is the chili cheeseburger. Imagine the cozy taste of your grandma's homemade chili piled on a smoky burger between two soft and fluffy buns. It's the epitome of southern cooking.

The Sauce

To top it all off, don't forget the sauce. We know that sauce takes a burger to the next level because it mixes well with a moist patty and sinks into the buns.

We keep a variety of sauces on hand in our restaurants so we're never short on flavor. We take particular pride in our signature Prime sauce. We also offer Hickory sauce, mustard, sriracha and--don't forget--guacamole.

Need More Options?

No worries! We're happy to work with you. Check out our special diets menu for a wide variety of recommendations based on diverse dietary needs. We work hard to make sure everyone can experience the best burgers in Houston.

Taste It for Yourself

As you can see, Becks Prime has gone to every length to impress the ultimate judge: you. Of all the types of burgers we serve, we're confident we have one you'll love.

Start planning your visit to one of our many locations, so we can prove that we live up to our standards. We're scattered throughout Houston and also have a Dallas location. Don't miss out!

Burgers are our specialty but we also have food your whole family will love. Check out our menu packed full of Southern classics.